As you're probably aware by now, KISS are on the road with Motley Crue, with a stop in Dallas this Saturday. As you're also probably aware, Gene Simmons of KISS is the king of pimping out anything/everything KISS to make a few bucks. I'm not 100% sure, but wouldn't be surprised to hear that the idea of bands selling "VIP Experiences" at concerts didn't come from the marketing mind of Simmons Enterprises, Inc.

Which brings me to my point. On the third show of the tour, the crew were on a tight schedule, so the sound check portion of KISS's VIP Experience was in jeopardy. Rather than cancel, the band decided to perform an impromptu acoustic set for their VIPs. The positive reaction from all involved led the band to make the acoustic performance a permanent part of their VIP Experience.

Long story short, if you happened to pay major bucks for the KISS VIP Experience in Dallas, here's what you have to look forward to: