Kyle Nicolaides is no stranger to performing solo. He's been performing since he was in high school, sometimes with a band...sometimes on his own. Either way, he quickly made a name for himself as the little guy with the big voice and the dizzying guitar chops, a curious mix of humble banter and sonic swagger. Packing his guitar and moving from Santa Barbara to L.A. in 2009, he formed Beware of Darkness with Tony Cupito and Daniel Curcio, and hasn't looked back since.

As evidenced by BoD's debut album Orthodox, Kyle has no problem writing unbelievable songs...and he's no slouch as a you know when he covers someone else's tune, he's going to OWN it. Check out what he does with ">Beyonce's "Haunted"...just Kyle...a piano...and 3:13 of awesome!