Lacuna Coil has a new album,  Dark Adrenaline, in stores and online...and they're on  Gigantour with Megadeth, Motorhead, and Volbeat.  Hopefully this album and the tour will get them the attention they deserve.   One of my favorite bands for several years now, Dark Adrenaline is a return the sound they had prior to the over-polished album Shallow Life.  The songs are little poppier, but they're catchy,  and Cristina Scabbia’s looks and sounds spectacular!If you're hitting up Gigantour in Dallas on March 1st, make sure you get there early and check out on of Italy's finest exports!

Just a couple of days before they kicked off Gigantour, they played an acoustic set at Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey.  If you're a fan you'll love this unpluuged stuff.  If you're not familiar with LaCuna Coil yet, it'll be a nice introduction.