You have to love the Brits, they are always painted as so nice and even the most boring interview may be boring, but they seem so engaged with the questions asked. Could it be because they have bad teeth and smiling makes them self-conscious? Regardless, Lars was interviewed recently about a lot of thought provking questions, among them, what happened when Metallica tried to play Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" at the end of the Garage Days Re-Revisited and does he talk drums with other drummers like Nicko McBrain.

And the biggest question that was asked: So why does Lars Ulrich stick his tongue out when he is playing?

(From musicradar)

"Rhythm: You and Nicko are both very animated on stage

Ulrich: "I have spotted that, yes. It's the feeling, you get up on stage in front of 20,000 people and it goes to another level. Nicko was always great and obviously still is great because he has personality and there is an approachability about him. People really felt that he was enjoying himself and there was something slightly nutty about him but never Keith Moon level, it was never scary. He just really enjoyed what he was doing. I've always really enjoyed playing. People talk to me about, 'Why do you stick your tongue out while you're playing?' I don't have an answer for that, it just happens. I'm the one that has to sit and look at the pictures, I know it looks ridiculous, it just happens. I turn into this little gremlin. There is no cosmic thought or premeditated thing.""











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