Lemmy is the most bad ass man in the Rock Universe. And it's not just because Motörhead and HeadCat are awesome (which they are), it's not just because the man is a living legend (he is), but the real appeal of Lemmy is he's a real dude.

While Mick Jager and Keith Richards were out doing top notch blow and nailing super models, Lemmy was at a seedy strip club drinking Jack & Coke and banging the dancers in the back of his car. He's not flashy, he's not a primadonna, he just a real dude that loves rock and the lifestyle. His amp says "49% Muthaf__er - 51% Son of a Bitch" and he earned every bit of that description.

He's 65, tours non-stop, drinks Jack like water and when he's not on the road, he's playing video poker at the Rainbow Room and working on a new album. He is, without question, GOD in the Rock world. If more rockstars were more like Lemmy and less like Chad Kroger, the world would be a better place.

Watch his movie "Lemmy", support his music, and give praise to the last of a dying breed! Once he and Dave Grohl are gone, real rockstars will be extinct.