Most people give up chocolate, cigarettes, or caffeine for Lent.  There's a guy in Iowa that is giving up food and replacing it with beer.  Talk about genius! 

It's not just any beer, though. Wilson says he was researching Franciscan monks and found that they sometimes sustained themselves during Lent on a special, high-carb beer.

So he brewed some of that beer himself, and now he's going six weeks on four glasses per day.

Each glass has 300 calories, so he'll get a total of 1,200 calories each day. A doctor is going to be monitoring his health.

Wilson says, quote, "I want to educate beer-people about God . . . and I want to educate God-people about beer."

On a related note: Many Catholics are giving up social media for Lent. So if any work gets done at your office between now and Easter, you probably have some Catholics working there.

CBS News