Leogun is a new trio from the U.K. you've been hearing a lot of on 99X lately. With influences ranging from Zeppelin to Jack White, it's no surprise that you you don't hear autotune, sampling, or the typical studio B.S. that a lot of today's new artists seem to overuse to the extreme. For a little taste of what Leogun has to offer, check out "Let's Be Friends" on 99X, pick up their new EP (Leogun's full CD is scheduled for early 2013), or catch them on tour. Those lucky enough to grab a berth on the latest KISS Kruise had a chance to see Leogun up close...and now you can too, through the magic of Troy Kay's smartphone video:

More live Leogun for you:

And don't miss the video for "Let's Be Friends":