The Deftones are easily in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. Easily. And I for one am super stoked for their new album, 'Koi No Yokan'. The first two singles 'Leathers' and 'The Tempest' are just classic Deftones - soft and fuzzy melodies building to a bludgeoning breaking point where you just want to tear sh*t up while getting stoned. You gotta love them. Now, we can enjoy the new album, in it's entirety, for FREE! 'Diamond Eyes was capturing lightning in a bottle. We had just come together, had a lot of constraints in terms of time, so we're just banging things out,' frontman Chino Moreno told Rolling Stone in September. "This time, we had a little more chance to experiment and just play."

Koi No Yokan will be released on November 13th for those that want to pick up a hard copy. Check out the first two singles below, listen to the whole album here thanks to Rolling Stone.