You may have seen the story online of a little girl who was asked to leave a KFC restaurant due to scarring on her face. Now it turns out it may all be a big hoax.

Earlier this month, news reports came out that an employee at a KFC in Mississippi asked three-year-old Victoria Wilcher to leave because the was scaring customers Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC not only apologized for the incident, but said it would be donating $30,000 to the family.

Not only would the family get that money, but apparently they were raising money online as well. More than $135,000 has been raised so far. But that’s not all. A doctor in Las Vegas offered up free plastic surgery for the little girl as well.

But according to a new report in the Laurel Leader-Call, the whole thing was a hoax and never happened.

Apparently, the entire incident in the restaurant was cooked up as an elaborate publicity stunt to raise money. The KFC franchise apparently hired an independent investigator, who has yet to release their final report. However, sources say that the story completely falls apart upon basic fact-checking: Security footage does not put Victoria or her grandmother, who claimed to be with her, in the KFC (or even another KFC) the day the incident supposedly occurred.

According to the lawyer representing Kelly Mullins, Victoria's grandmother, the family has not decided whether or not to take the money from KFC. But apparently, KFC will honor the donation even if the incident is proven to have been faked. Wait, what?