Our good friend and drinking buddy, Jon Stephenson has been crashed out on our couch and drinking all of our booze since he 'retired' from Digital Summer a couple of months back. Things have been rough on both of us. A couple of weeks ago, we had an intervention. We told him if he didn't quit peeing on our couch, we were gonna have to kick him out. Well, he took our stern words of warning seriously. Not only has he cleaned up his act (a bit), but finally got himself a job! Jon will be hitting the road and pretending to play guitar with local Louisiana band 12 Stones!

Now, we don't know how long Jon will be able to hold this gig down (hopefully longer than his Jager), but while he is still employed, we are gonna show him all the love and support we can (and get our couch covered with plastic). 12 Stones will be performing with Jon in New Orleans on Friday August 1st.


For all the info you need for 12 Stones, hit up their Facebook page.