One Louisiana adult store believes welfare recipients have the right to be sexy, so they are allowing customers to pay for items like lingerie and adult novelties using their Electronic Benefits Transfer card.

According to reports, there is a sign posted on the entrance of Kiss My Lingerie in Gonzales informing customers of just how easy it is to pay for slutty apparel in their store – just use your food stamp card.

An employee of the store recently told CBS News that the store has been accepting EBT cards for the past several months, a practice, she says, management decided to implement as a means to avoid discriminating against customers.

"We were told anything could be purchased there, with the food stamp card," said the employee, who asked to remain anonymous. "No child I know eats edible underwear. It's still the taxpayers’ dollars that are being used in a store like that and that really upsets me.”

While the idea of needy people spending public assistance dollars on panties and vibrators may seem shady, a representative for the Department of Children and Family Services says the only items EBT cards do not cover are booze, cigarettes, lottery tickets, gambling and strip clubs -- everything else is up to the cardholder.

Sadly, because of this mixed up policy, you just know there is a small child going to bed hungry tonight because his mom spent all of their food stamps on a ball gag and a double-headed jelly dong.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to complain...naughty moms turn us on.