The fall season is upon us, and there is no better way to mourn the passing of summer than by drowning your sorrows in mass amounts of Louisiana’s finest craft brews.

Thanks to the powers that be, you don’t have to sit at home alone sucking suds in front of the television while flipping through hundreds of channels in hopes of finding something half as entertaining as Breaking Bad. No sir, the Louisiana Craft Brewery Trail is now in full swing and there is plenty of beer to go around, even for hard-hitters like you.

And while local heroes Red River Brewing and Great Raft Brewing are not expected to officially join this legion of beer makers involved with the trail until the end of the year, you had better believe their doors are open and ready to get rowdy with the Shreveport brew crew… that would be you fellers.

So, whether you plan to stick to drinking from the Shreveport breweries, or employ a designated driver and take a weekend road trip to sample other beers on the brewery trail, the most important thing is that you are enjoy yourself. After all, beer just makes life better.

To find out more about the Louisiana Brewery Trail click here.