Some Louisiana employers are hiring private drug dogs to bust their workers with substances ranging from marijuana to heroin. Recent reports indicate that there are now independent investigators in the state who are being hired by companies to bring K-9 narcs to their place of business and search employee lockers and vehicles for drugs.

One of the establishments conducting these sleazy investigations is Global Safety Training Service in Houma, Louisiana. In addition to providing employers with drug screening options, they also provide K-9 narcotics searching. “Some weeks, we’ll do 12 to 14 jobs,” said owner Toney Wade. “The average right now is in the four to six range.”

Unfortunately, an employee does not have any rights against this invasion of privacy because employers have the right to conduct random drug screens or searches at any time. So, it is always best to keep your weed at home. After all, one scratch from the dog could get you fired.