Louisiana residents with handgun permits will soon be allowed to bring their loaded firearms into restaurants where alcohol is served. The law previously prohibited anyone from bringing a gun into an eatery that also served booze, but on Tuesday, a measure was approved by the state Senate eliminating the ban.

In addition, the law would allow off-duty cops to bring loaded weapons into bars, which has some people a little nervous. State Representative Terry Landry, a one time chief of police, argues that the bill is dangerous because it does not discourage people from getting drunk while packing heat.

However, State Representative Joe Lopinto, a former deputy, says the law already prohibits permit holders from carrying a weapon if their blood alcohol content rises above .05 percent.

“I don’t think you should be punished just because you’re walking into a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol,” Lopinto said. “Something could happen there, or something can happen around the corner.”

The bill is now bound for the desk of Governor Bobby Jindal, who said in a statement on Wednesday that he intends to sign the measure into law.

How do you feel about loaded firearms being allowed in restaurants that serve alcohol?