Despite being recognized as state with overzealous and nonsensical marijuana laws, Louisiana lawmakers recently managed to approve a measure that will help loosen the legal stranglehold on parolees.

Last Thursday, the Louisiana Senate voted to approve House Bill 681, which is being revered a modest reform bill because it only serves to change the way the state handles parolees busted for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

As it stands, a parolee arrested for marijuana possession is shipped back to prison without any chance for debate within the system. This legislation would give parolees the right to defend a technical violation, which would provide probation officers with alternatives other than immediate revocation of parole.

The bill must now go before Governor Jindal to either be signed into law or vetoed. So far, the governor has not given any indication whether he will sign this small, but forward-thinking, reform to the states’ marijuana laws.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, there does not appear to be any legislation currently moving through the ranks that will help lessen the penalties surrounding marijuana possession.