Although prostitution is the oldest profession, it is still a pretty good idea to always pay hookers with cash. Leaving a credit card trail for your wife to discover is never a good move, just like paying with a company check. And while you would think there is no one dumb enough to pay for a lady red light's suck and tug services using the bank account of their employer, all we can say is: welcome to Louisiana.

According to reports, police in New Orleans were called to a health food store after an employee used the store’s business checking account to pay a prostitute for a little romp in the back-room. The manager of the store told authorities that he discovered the check-writing culprit was 24-year-old Charles West after reviewing surveillance footage once he noticed a check was missing.

This is where the manager says the story came together. West was charged with theft, forgery and soliciting a prostitute. To make things worse, police are trying to identify the prostitute, so they can arrest her as well.

"We can't make this stuff up ... I'm at a loss for words! This is unbelievable,” said Police Chief Randy Smith.