We have seen killer rides before, but this is perhaps the most literal and bizarre. Two months ago, Louisiana police received a report of a van driving around with stolen license plates. However, after authorities pulled the culprits over, they noticed there was more to be concerned about than just stolen plates – the van was stripped and rigged for an assassination.

Reports indicate that inside the van, Jefferson Parish investigators discovered two sawed off kitchen chairs, a semi-automatic riffle, a silencer, and cannon fuse. "When you look at the silencer, the .22 is an assassin's weapon of choice," said FBI Special Agent James Bernazzani.

The two men using the van, 72-year-old Dominick Gullo and 55-year-old Joseph Gagliano, are convicted felons with affiliations with some of America’s most notorious organized crime families. Authorities believe the two men were on their way to snuff somebody out when their van was pulled over. "I think this effort was targeting an individual and because of the good work of a police officer, that individual is alive today," said Bernazzani.

Incidentally, neither man is saying much to the police. Both have denied having any knowledge of the items found in the van, and updated reports speculate at least one of the men is pleading not guilty.

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