Last week, we gave a report about Louisiana lawmakers fighting against a several year old US Supreme Court ruling that determined the state’s laws against sodomy to be unconstitutional. However, while the focus of the story centered around an old school conservative attempt to put a religious stranglehold on Louisiana’s backdoor enthusiasts, disturbing new details have surfaced that really show just how backwards our state leaders really are.

For starters, while some state authorities do not want people experimenting with “exit only” philosophies, the sodomy ban, which is considered a “crime against nature,” also includes oral sex. That’s right, kids – even though Uncle Sam has ruled these sexual limitations unconstitutional, state lawmakers are hell bent on keeping men from getting their knobs slobbed and women from getting their beavers washed.

Yet, as bizarre as it sounds, it is still perfectly legal across the state of Louisiana to have sex with a corpse. Some think necrophilia is outlawed under the crimes against nature statute because a dead person cannot give consent to sex. However, many courts have thrown out necrophilia convictions, ruling that a corpse is not a person and therefore not protected under the law. So, without specific laws against necrophilia, which Louisiana has none, it is still okay in the eyes of the law to go out and bang a dead body.

Still, lawmakers would prefer you not sodomize them.