What the hell? Earlier this week, a Louisiana schoolteacher stopped of at a Baton Rouge Starbucks to order some coffee, but when she received her order, she noticed it had been marked with the number of the beast and a pentagram.

Megan K. Pinion, the victim of this caffeinated sacrifice, posted photos of the satanic lattes on the Starbucks Facebook page along with a damning complaint.

“I just purchased two coffees at your Mall of Louisiana location,” she wrote. “This is how my coffee was served to me. … I am a teacher in the public school system and if I were to present a child of atheist or pagan believers with a Christian art project I could be sued in a heartbeat. I am of Catholic faith and would love to share in my beliefs daily. Fortunately, I have enough common sense to present myself with professionalism and follow an ethics code. Perhaps that could be suggested to that particular location.”

Of course, a cult of followers emerged from the darkest depths of the social media, which caused her post to go viral. This summoned a response from those little coffee making devils at Starbucks' headquarters.

Now, the company has apologized for the hellish incident, stating that they are taking the complaint seriously and have since made contact with Pinion via her Facebook account.

“Obviously this is not the type of experience we want to provide any of our customers, and is not representative of the customer service our partners provide to millions of customers every day,” said Starbucks spokesman Tom Kuhn.

Rumor has it, the barista simply confused the woman's order with the one made by Philip H. Anselmo a few moments earlier.

[via The Advertiser]