A Louisiana woman says she refuses to pay a ticket for running a red light. Her defense: she doesn’t own a car.

Linda Bordelon of New Orleans says that she hasn’t owned a vehicle since selling hers in March, which is why she was shocked to receive a traffic camera violation in the mail accusing her of running a red light in June.

"I get this thing in the mail saying that in June 2013 I ran a traffic light, and I said, how can that be?" said Bordelon. "The license plate listed was not the license plate of the car I sold."

Of course, Bordelon attempted to contest the $135 ticket, but shortly thereafter, she received another notice advising her of a $50 non-refundable appeals fee. So, now, Bodelon must appear in traffic court in order to clear her record of the offense.

A representative for the city said that they are not sure how a mistake like this could happen, but they are currently investigating any potential problems with the system.