Only in the grand state of Louisiana could something like this take place.

LSU announced yesterday that they are going to start brewing and selling their own line of beer that is specifically designed for LSU tailgaters.  It will be crafted by the students and brewed at a local micro brewery in Baton Rouge called Tin Roof Brewery. The man in charge of the brewery, Tim McGehee, says that it will be a crisp blonde ale to aid in the fact that it's hot 9 months out of the year down here. He went on to say that the brew is not designed for inebriation but rather education. Some of the professors at the food science division will be holding classes at the brewery (score) and it will teach students the passion for good beer making.

You can only imagine that here in this state is where  something like this could be conceived. A state that will even celebrate Columbus day by having a drink or 2. Students get to drink beer for credit? Finally the world is starting to look a little better. If they had this when I was in school, I might have taken another career up as a life goal.

Anyways, the beer will be hitting the shelves come this football season so get ready for some Tiger football while drinking some Tiger beer.