Have you ever watched the horror movie classic The Omen and thought, 'Boy, do I wish I could be the son of Satan and murder my family and friends'? If so, PC horror game Lucius might be right up your alley, you sicko.

Created by Finnish game developer Shiver Games Ltd., Lucius is a strange and bloody brew. It's part horror, part action game, part puzzler and part Film Noir detective story.

As the titular devil-child, players are tasked with murdering (in increasingly violent ways) his rich family's staff - before targeting the family itself.

However, each kill requires a little thinking. Lucius isn't Master Chief; he can't overtly slaughter his enemies. Instead, players must isolate targets and employ ungodly powers -- gifted between chapters by The Devil himself -- to always gruesome results.

You'll use telekinesis to throw a radio into a woman's bathtub and take control of a person via mind control to force them to stick their face into a lawnmower (insert joke about them never being the head of a major corporation here), to name just two.

If this all sounds amazingly gory and morbidly humorous, that's because it is. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Lucius.

Watch the trailer for "Lucius"