Well it's that time again. A time where people go to Carnival and try to exercise the demons out of them before giving them up. So because of this, things get batshit crazy around myah. This past Saturday was the Krewe of Centaur parade which was reportedly the largest crowd they had ever seen. Close to 400,000 people took to downtown, Clyde Fant Parkway, Shreve City, and the duck pond to watch 40 floats and close to 700 participants throw out beads, cups, balls, moonpies, and anything else wouldn't put you into a coma. Of course with these types event comes a whole hell of a lot of alcohol consumption and inebriation. But this is Louisiana, it could be Columbus day and we'll permit that as an excuse to drink. A lot of drunken acts and poor decisions went on at the parade. There were holes punched in to floats, band members tormented, kids lifted off their feet so that fat people could get to the moonpies thrown from the floats. Approximately 122 people were arrested on mostly alcohol related charges including public intoxication, minors in possession, etc. But out of all the chaos that comes with the Carnival season, it was one hell of a time and as they say, laissez les bon temps rouler. We have another good time coming up this weekend with the Krewe of Gemini parade that will take the same parade route that Centaur took. People who are reading this and thinking that they might want to take their kids out to the parade this weekend but who are skeptical due to the things I previously wrote, don't worry. There are family zones to go to so that you can experience Mardi Gras without the frat boy twist. But as for the rest of us, come one out and let's wage war on our brain cells once again.