Marilyn Manson has released a new video.  It's for Slo-mo-tion, the second single from his latest effort, Born Villain.  Why should you care?  Because in a world where Nickelback, Justin Bieber,  and LMFAO routinely top the charts...we need Marilyn Manson.  Yes, he's older - probably wiser and a little less threatening - but he's still f-ing bizarre, and in a world of bland, bizarre helps keep the balance intact.

And as for bizarre, 'Slo-Mo-Tion' doesn't disappoint.  Check it out below.  Manson will hits the road with Rob Zombie this fall, co-headlining The "Twins of Evil" Tour. The tour kicks off September 28th in Phoenix and wraps up on Halloween at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas.

Here, Manson discusses 'Born Villain', his friendship with Johnny Depp, and meeting Hunter S. Thompson: