According to a new study out of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, marriage seems to make men SOFT . . . and makes women into SEX-CRAVING BEASTS.In the study, married men reported the highest levels of happiness when their relationship featured lots of KISSING . . . lots of CUDDLING . . . and lots of climaxes for their wives.Married women's happiness wasn't tied to ANY of that. Kissing, cuddling, and their husband's sexual satisfaction didn't really affect their happiness.What DID affect their happiness was how OFTEN they were getting-it-on. The more sex they got, the happier they were.But there WAS one thing from the study that seems to make sense with the usual gender stereotypes: It found that the more sexual partners a man had before getting married, the LESS sexually satisfied he was over time.That makes more sense based on the traditional gender roles: When a guy knows what VARIETY was like, it's harder for him to have only one option for the rest of his life.

(Daily Mail)