After nearly 30-years of consuming mass amounts of heavy metal and vodka, it appears as if the older and more mature version of the legendary Metallica, while still aptly focused on delivering their brand of heavy metal, is more intent these days on washing it down with fruit juice rather than hard liquor.

At a recent press conference in Singapore, the band was asked what type of regimen they use to keep up with the demanding job of constantly being on the road.

"We have two guys downstairs who take care of stretching us and putting us back into shape — our necks and our arms and everything.” said drummer Lars Ulrich. “They're among the two hardest-working guys in rock and roll. So we take all that stuff really seriously. I mean, if you could see our [tour] rider, it's carrots and strange vegetables and nasty fruit juices. It's not what it was back in the day, thankfully. But yeah, we do take [staying healthy] very seriously. Absolutely."

Metallica recently released a 16-minute clip of the band’s August 24 concert at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore. The clip gives us a sneak peak into the daily touring rituals of the band, including a lengthy photo shoot with Ross Haflin, a brief rehearsal and a live performance of “Broken, Beat & Scarred.”

Metallica was in Toronto earlier this week for the premier of their new film, “Metallica Through the Never,” which will open in 3D IMAX theaters across the country on September 27.