So where were you when you first heard Metallica?

I was a couple of years late to the party, but it was the Summer of 1984. We were living in Commerce, TX and I was coming out of a church youth group meeting on a Saturday night. I got in my Dad's car and the radio was on a station out of Dallas which had a show called "Headbanger's Heaven". The DJ's name was Paraquat Johnson and he talked into this new band called Metallica and then played "For Whom The Bell Tolls". My Dad looked at me an said, "Where do you want to eat?" I told him to hold on a second so I could hear this song. Dad cranked it up and we drove off jamming out to that song. After we ate, we went to Sound Warehouse. I bought Kill 'Em All (back when you could preview the album) and Dad bought Ride The Lightning.

Fast forward to ...And Justice for All and the Black Album, my Dad and I were so into the Mighty Met, we saw Metallica 4 times with me over as many years. (BTW, He is also a Danzig fan. Ya, my Old Man is cool like that.)

Looks like Metallica has embraced their 30th birthday with a vengeance. Last Friday (12/9) they had a kick ass party with all their fans and friends. Those friends included the likes of Ozzy, Rob Halford, Jerry Cantrell, Dave Mustaine, Jim Martin (from Faith No More), King Diamond, Scott Ian (Anthrax), John Bush (formerly Anthrax, Armored Saint, Iced Earth), Nick "Animal" Culmer (from Anti-Nowhere League), Marianne Faithful, John Marshall (from Saxon), Ray Haller (of Sweet Savage) and Glenn Danzig. (Whew) AND they even had a surprise visit from former bassist Jason Newsted, who came in to play on "Master of Puppets", "Whiplash", "...And Justice For All" and "Fight Fire With Fire".

Amazing music from an amazing band. There is a reason this was a multiple day show. All of the people who took part in it makes me wish I was there. I found some of the coolest moments from youtube, enjoy.

Here are some highlights from the nights: