No, you are not seeing double. Just one and a half really...One of my favorite things to watch are celebrity impersonators of the half pint variety. Check out my favorite videos from mini-celebrity impersonators. Everyone from Mini-Britney to Mini-Winehouse.

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    I can't find out anything about this Mini-Beyonce, but this video is great none the less. It's like a two for one special! Not only do we get Mini-Beyonce, but Mini-Gaga as well!

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    I have a sneaking suspicion these to chicks work together alot. Also is that Mini-Gaga Terra Jole? Hey, if it works it works.

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    This DEFINITELY is Terra Jole. I've even seen Terra Jole perform at a New Years bash a few years ago at Harrah's Louisiana Downs. She is the consummate Mini-Britney.

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    No clue as to who this Mini-Madonna really it, but its still entertaining as hell.

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    I can't tell you how disturbing this impersonator is, but it's like a gruesome car crash; you just can't help but watch!