When I was  growing up in the 70s and 80s I used to listen to everything from the mainstream of Kiss  to the darker material of Black Sabbath to punk rock of Sex Pistols and I spent about a 5-7 year span of my life enjoying Hard Core Punk; and to hear the Misfits music show up on TV last night made me feel excited...and old all at the same time.

While my Dad was all about the music of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Prince, Ozzy, Rush, et al, I wasn't one of those kids who alienated my parents with my music. I would listen to music and my Dad would enjoy it. Hell, he introduced me to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  He and I even went to a Danzig show, the day Stevie Ray Vaughan died and saw a little unknown band called Soundgarden open up the show.

But there was the Hard Core Punk which, even my Dad, didn't understand (until Metallica started covering them) So, as a kid, I was bringing home the music of Minor Threat, SNFU, the Descendents and a litany of other artists that used bad language and (for the most part) didn't have much in the musical talent category.

But through it all was The Misfits. I was introduced to them through one song "Where Eagles Dare". From that one song, I was hooked. I bought all of their albums, Legacy of Brutality, Misfits, Earth AD. Sure, most of those albums repeated the same songs, but hell, it was the f***ing Misfits!!!

So last night, I am sitting in my chair watching Tosh.O and my face was buried in the computer (per ususal), when I heard the guitar tune-up and bass and drum sounds of "Where Eagles Dare" cranking up on TV...and from that point, I looked up and my mouth was agape.  I looked at my wife and said, "want to know what I listened to, when I was a kid? That song right there." I am a total music nerd, so I am curious as to who authorized the song to be released to this product.  I am still looking for this info, but  I only heard a 30 second clip on TV, which cut out the chorus, so I as I was searching, I found the entire 2 minute commercial, which contains the entire song. (Hard Core Punk songs weren't very long). So enjoy, you Misfits fans.