Well, this really stinks. Miss Universe Olivia Culpo found out the hard way that India doesn't take too kindly to folks taking photos and video in front of the Taj Mahal. That's because under the country's law, doing so is strictly prohibited.

Indian Police received a complaint from the country's own Archaeological Survey of India, who are the enforcers of the state's law forbidding unauthorized filming at the Taj Mahal. According to them, Culpo was there to shoot a commercial for footwear without obtaining the go-ahead from the proper authorities.

If she or members of the commercial crew are found guilty of violating India's Heritage Act, they could be imprisoned for up to two years and fined $1,600. Complicating matters, the 2012 Miss Universe left the country this past Sunday after a 10-day stay.

This is a far cry to what happened to the pageant winner when she returned to her hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island last month: they named a street after her.

[via CBS]