Nobody wants to be in a movie with someone who has NO consideration for other people in the theater. But, you've never contemplated SHOOTING some jerk who was more into audibly shoving popcorn in his mouth than watching the movie. We'll then you're not this guy.

During a showing of Black Swan in Riga, Lativia (if you're like me and have no clue where that is, it's in Eastern Europe along the Baltic Sea) a 42 year old man was SHOT!

A 27 year old man SHOT the guy right there in the theater, because he was eating his popcorn too loudly.  Not to be a hypocrite, the 27 year old man did wait until the credits. 

The 42 year old was rushed to the hospital where he later DIED.  The 27 year old was arrested for murder, but applauded for doing something about the jerk.

The Telegraph