Van Halen are currently taking a break from their "A Different Kind of Truth" tour - a trek that opened upin Louisville, Kentucky on February 18 and wrapped things up in New Orleans t the end of June.

When they canceled a series of dates early this summer, the 'break-up' rumors started flying, but Diamond Dave and the Van Halen boys say the band is alive and well, and are set set to play a series of dates in Japan in November.

While video from several of their U.S. shows have been posted online, most have been single camera fan videos...but, on March 30, Van Halen played the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, and several high quality videos were shot of this particular show. Now, several of those videos have been edited into one multi-camera Van Halen concert, and we've got the results for you following the setlist:

1 - Unchained
2 - Runnin' With the Devil
3 - She's the Woman
4 - Romeo Delight
5 - Tattoo
6 - Everybody Wants Some!!
7 - Somebody Get Me a Doctor
8 - China Town
9 - Jamie's Cryin'
10 - Oh, Pretty Woman
11 - Drum Solo
12 - You Really Got Me
13 - Blood and Fire
14 - Dance the Night Away
15 - I'll Wait
16 - Hot for Teacher
17 - Women In Love
18 - Girl Gone Bad
19 - Beautiful Girls
20 - Ice Cream Man
21 - Panama
22 - Guitar Solo
23 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
24 - Jump