Yesterday, I was driving down the Bossier Parkway and I stopped at the light where you can turn onto McDade Street. As I was sitting there, I saw a crazy blue colored Lamborghini pull up next to me. I was checking out the car (it's not everyday you see one in this city), and I just happened to look at the driver and behold, it was Gerard Butler.  I do not care about seeing him as much as some folks in this town,  so I didn't freak out and try to rip his clothes off.  Instead I reverted back to my good ol' boy ways and asked him to "juice that thing one time."  He looked at me with a very confused look, and I realized that he probably doesn't understand simple peasant talk -  so I repeated with" rev the motor up"!  He did and we waived at one another and that was it.  He seemed like a cool guy.  I should have asked him where he was dining that evening,  and before he answered,  cut him off with "IN HELL"!!??!!