Rush played the first show of their Clockwork Angels tour in Manchester, New Hampshire this past weekend - and among the surprises of the show was drummer Neil Peart brandishing a gun and firing it at the crowd.

Fortunately, the gun in question was a t-shirt gun, and the only injuries were to the feelings of those that didn't score a free t-shirt. And those fans that may have had a heart attack just seeing Peart step out from behind the kit. For those not-in-the-know, Neil's not known for his on-stage antics, and to see him remove his butt from his stool long enough to have some fun with the fans - unheard of! But, here's the video proof:

What?!? Did you think I'd babble this long, and leave you with a lousy 30 seconds of video?!?!? For your dining and dancing pleasure, more video goodness from the New Hampshire show:

Rush bring their 'Clockwork Angels' tour to the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Wednesday, November 28th. Expect the set list to be similar to the one used at the Manchester show, with many songs that they haven't performed live in years:

Part 1: Subdivisions; The Big Money; Force Ten; Grand Designs; The Body Electric; Territories; The Analog Kid; Bravado; Where’s My Thing; Far Cry

Part 2: Caravan; Clockwork Angels; The Anarchist; Carnies; The Wreckers; Headlong Flight; Halo Effect; Wish Them Well; The Garden; Manhattan Project; Red Sector A; YYZ; Working Man

Encore: Tom Sawyer; The Spirit of Radio