Like clockwork, the Call of Duty machine keeps spinning. But are gamers getting Call of Duty fatigue? All signs point to yes. Cue developer and series creator Infinity Ward's new entry, subtitled "Ghosts."

It's got a lot of new. New engine. New characters. And a new setting. Is it enough to rope in retired armchair soldiers?

A new trailer released today (May 21) alongside Microsoft's Xbox One console reveal certainly is a looker -- and (mostly) washes away our disappointment with the Ghosts teaser trailer released a few weeks ago.

Soldiers creep through a darkened, storm-swept jungle, walk under serene waterfalls and leap from a helicopter into a field of blades swaying under the rotor's power.

It's a little surprising to see a Call of Duty game setting a bar for amazing graphics, but that could very well be the case when the game hits stores on November 5 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. (A version for the current group of consoles will also be released.)


And it looks like the US soldiers fighting in Ghosts have a surprising ally. The bad-ass dog seen in the beginning of the trailer is seen attacking an enemy later on.

We're just hoping Ghosts is just a little less infuriating than 2012's Black Ops II.

Watch the Call of Duty Ghosts Trailer