It's their seventh studio album and it will hit stores on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.  The Album is called "Wasted Light". I have to say I love the title a lot.  A lot new things will be going on in this album, such as Pat Smear has been with the Foo Fighters for a little while and well this is the first album where he is recognized as an official member. Then the album is recorded using only analog equipment, which is freaking cool.  Also there are a lot of guest artist you can expect to here on the album such as Krist Novoselic former band-mate to Dave Grohl in Nirvana. Its the first time in many years that the two have played on an album together and the song that features Novoselic is called "I should have Known" which is said to about the experience and feelings Grohl has and had about being in Nirvana and how he feels towards Kurt Cobain. I actually previewed the song and wow, I had chill bumps. The song is absolutely amazing.  I caught a show on Vh1 about how the guys put this album together at Grohl's house. It's called Foo Fighters Back and Forth.  If you get a chance to catch on TV, I suggest watch it because it was really cool.  If you can't tell I am a little excited about this album.  So I am telling you now, get it, you are and will love it.