Unfortunately, it's not a new album or new music, but anything new from Trent Reznor and NIN is good news right? What is dropping Friday is After All Is Said and Done, a full digital version of the final Nine Inch Nails show in 2009.

This info and note comes from the website atinylittledot.com:

To loyal nine inch nails fans everywhere,

Tonight we had hoped to release a full digital version of the final show to coincide with the 3 year anniversary of the Final Show. After years of long hard work, our 3 1/2 hour edit of the final show, rendered in full 1080p is complete and ready to share with the masses. But due to a few last minute tweaks, we won’t be able to release tonight. As much as we’d like to, we’ve waited this long to get it perfect, and we’re not going to release it any other way. But rest assured, the full digital release isright around the corner, and we expect it to be ready by the end of this week.

We will be releasing the full digital version of the show, representing years and years of our work for free, to anyone who wants to it, anywhere around the world. It’s our gift, as belated as it may be, to the NIN community – a community to whom we apologize for those who’ve been frustrated and waiting patiently for the birth of this project. This project is NOT DEAD – we’ve been burning away in the background, putting the final touches on, and now its days away from full digital release.

For those who’ve ordered a DVD or Blu-Ray of the project… it’s coming too… and we intend to reward your patience with a host of special features, bonus content, and a 5.1 surround mix.

Though we couldn’t surprise you all with the full release, on the anniversary of this amazing show, as we had hoped – Here’s a little something to tide you over. BURN.

Happy Anniversary NIN fans!,
a tiny little dot

p.s. a very limited ordering window will be re-opened(date TBA).

Here's the Burn video: