People who like Rush REALLY like Rush.  I mean 'possessed by the devil' like them.  People that don't like Rush, really HATE Rush.  There is no gray area.  Which makes it so hard to believe that a major automobile maker would actually use one of their songs to pimp one of their new rides - especially the 2013 version of last year's Motor Trend Car of the Year Sure, it's "Fly By Night", a Rush tune penned right before Neil Peart took them lyrically down the Ayn Rand Yellow brick road...but kudos to Volkswagon for having the cajones  to use a tune from such a universally polarizing band.  Check out the commercial here:

By the way, RUSH is still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Which is one of the major travities of post-cilal war history. Make RUSH feel better for the RHOF snub by buying a ticket or two and seeing them live (an amazing show, BTW) on their Clockwork Angels tour when it stops in Dallas on November 28th.