I first heard Nico Vega's "Beast" while watching the movie "The Collector" a few years ago. It caught my interest, but I didn't hear enough of it to do full blown search for the band or the song. Then, it popped up again in the trailer of Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher movie. Again, it was a "what is that song"?

It was the commercial for the video game "Bioshock Infinite" where I got the full impact.

What? This band has been around since 2005? They've toured with Gavin Rossdale, Semi Precious Weapons, Neon Trees, Manic Street Preachers, and Shiny Toy Guns, Imagine Dragons, She Wants Revenge and Blondie? Yes, to both. And "Beast"? It's been around since 2009. Not bad. It only took six years to become one of my favorite songs.

And six years for them to make the official video. What can you expect? According to singer Aja Volkman in an interview with the Wall Street Journal,

“We believe in freedom of speech and the confidence and power it takes to find your own voice. ‘Beast’ is a self-empowerment anthem that is meant to rally people together and wake them up. It’s about standing up for yourself and your fellow man. And caring about the social, political and economical decisions that are being made for your country. The entire world is paying attention to the decisions that this country makes. We wrote ‘Beast’ to help empower Americans to care. This isn’t meant as a broad generalization. There are a number of Americans paying attention, but we hope to help that number grow.”

Check it out here: