Nikki Sixx is not known to be the silent member of Motley Crue, but with that has come some of the most memorable riffs and lyrics in Rock music.

He has sold over 80 million albums with Motley Crue and has 2 best selling books. His second "This is Gonna Hurt" is in the Top 5 on the New York Times Best Sellers this week.

According to Blabbermouth, he is in the processes of writing 2 more books and he is writing them all by himself. No editors or help, just him. If you recall many of his beef's with Vince Neil and record labels has has to do with his desire in controlling EVERYTHING, but that has been a benefit to his work.

So get ready, if you aren't burying your nose in books, right now, Nikki Sixx just may have you doing just that in the coming year.

I will tell you, The Dirt was one of the most hilarious books about The Crue and Rock and Roll that I have ever read. Heroin Diaries had me riveted and This is Gonna Hurt is a really intense read.