Some places of business around Shreveport Bossier are what we call "non-permissive" which means they are not friendly to folks who carry firearms open or otherwise.  Now, I'm not talking about ILLEGALLY carrying firearms into zones specifically forbidden like bars.  I'm talking about places of business like your bank, grocery store, hospital or even a sporting goods store!!! or dry cleaners that has a NO FIREARMS sign up.  In that case, just If you are a customer of one of these businesses, I suggest you give them a "No Guns, No Money" card AND have a calm talk with the business owner if you can.  If not, throw one of these to the nearest sheep in charge.There is no reason why any business shouldn't trust ccw permit holders, one of the most law-abiding groups of people they could hope to find anywhere!  (Proven moreso, even, than law enforcement!).  Here's what the back of the cards could say.









If you want to print out cards yourself, you can get them here.