...well, not EXACTLY.  While this coming Sunday WILL be the final on-the-air Homegrown show...we will still be promoting the hell out of our locals.  One hour on a Sunday night just ain't cutting it...so we're doing it bigger and better!  Here's how it's gonna go down...beginning NEXT Monday (Jan. 30th), I'll  be posting three local/regional bands' songs here on the website.  And all our listeners get to vote on which one they like most.  Whoever "wins" gets their song played IN THE REGULAR 99X ROTATION for a whole week!  This gives our local bands the opportunity to be heard (and hopefully appreciated and demanded!) by a broader audience.

Now, bands...this means you need to send me your best-quality mp3's -- so we can get them posted.  And there's a way you can send those right below this post!! 

In the meantime, make sure to tune in to Sunday night's show (I'll be repeating this info then), when I'll have a couple of "final" special guests on to tell you about what they've got coming up.

And don't worry...I will still do band interviews.  That will be more of a special online feature for me.  Plus...we'll still be doing "Homegrown Live" at the Riverside Warehouse, so you can catch me there, too.

Now...get to sending me some tunes!  Look forward to hearing you on my way home from work one of these days!