Nonpoint is no stranger to rocking the Riverside Warehouse, and their performance on Friday (August 30) proved it. The band's energy amplified throughout the crowd and got the whole warehouse jumping with their hands in the air.

The night started off with Rise to Shyne, followed by Life On Ceres. Then, Surrender the Fall took the stage prepping the crowd for Nonpoint.

The opening bands got the crowd amped up for Nonpoint's arrival. Of course, we were there to capture every moment.

When Nonpoint took the stage, you could feel a buzz in the crowd. They knew they were in for a show. No one left disappointed.

Lead singer Elias Soriano belted out favorites including "That Day," "Alive and Kicking" and the band's metallicized version of Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight."

The band finished the set out with "Bullet With a Name," featuring a lucky 99X VIP guest singer who won the chance to sing on stage with the band.

We caught plenty more great photos from the show. Check them out below.