Did you know that throwing up the devil horns at a metal show in Spain will sooner get you beat up than earn the approval of fellow headbangers? It's true! BuzzFeed has put together a video featuring several hand gestures that don't mean the same thing in every country.

In America, a good ol' 'thumbs up' is often accompanied by a smile and nod. Give the hand gesture in Iran, however, and you'll be telling someone who may already hold a low opinion of you to eff off. It gets even crazier when you consider the "OK" gesture we take for granted here translates to calling someone an a-hole in Brazil.

Of course at 99X, there's one hand gesture to rule them all:

Townsquare Media Shreveport

So consider this video a warning. Or, if you're the type who loves pissing off foreigners, a helpful guide to obscene hand gestures.

Watch the video of weird and obscene hand gestures from around the world: