According to the Channel 10 News Team in Columbus, Ohio, Peter Bower was arrested and facing two counts of animal cruelty for allegedly having sexual relations with three dogs and possibly a horse. When the cops raided his home, they seized his computer, which allegedly had stories he wrote about his sexual misadventures on it.

Police say Bower advertises himself as a dog walker and pet sitter (to him, pet sitting takes on a whole new meaning), and at his home, they found signs that read "Pets Welcomed," a book on bestiality called "Dearest Pet," and a plastic inflatable sheep(I guess this is for when the real thing isn't available). Prosecutors say they'd like to charge Bower with something more serious than a misdemeanor, but Ohio has no laws regarding bestiality. They are using the case to  push new laws through (I know this is a bit graphic given the story, but believe me no pun was intended).

The confusing thing for me is that he allegedly had sex with three dogs and a horse, but there are only two cruelty charges? Did two of the dogs like it or were they just his ex-wives?