And you thought Tang was just for astronauts.

The rumors have been out there more so this year than ever that the Olympic village is a hot bed of international love and relations...make that carnal relations.  So much so that the IOC decided to find a way to keep the Olympians, when they slip into their birthday suits for the race to that won't get them the Gold, but where everyone who cums is a winner.

So what did the International Olympic Committee do? The found an official condom of the 2012 and it looks like that offical brand has been infringed upon by Kangaroo Condoms. How long this was going on was anyone's guess, but it wasn't until Australian BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan tweeted out a picture of a non-Durex bucket of condoms.


Durex spent a ton of cash to be the only one that those who wish to score wear. And Durex is pissed that some other brand of condoms just up and waltz its way right into Olympic Village.

In a glorious waste of time and money, an official inquiry will be launched into just why this bucket of condoms was in the Village in the first place.

One of the best parts of this infringement is the marketing for the pecker wrapper called Kangaroo Condoms. The marketing message: “For the Gland Downunder” is one of the more fantastic condom slogans I have ever seen.