Today, Demi Moore is absolutely trashed out and off her rocker bat-s crazy. However, when we look back at the history of Demi Moore, she has graced the silver screen with her assets. Most of all, She made a lot of movies where she was taking her clothes off.

Let's take a look at her most successful movies.

  1. "Blame it on Rio" -- A movie about daughters falling for...and sleeping with their father's friend)
  2. "St. Elmo's Fire" -- A movie about obnoxious brat-packers who have sex with each other like they are in high school
  3. "About Last Night" -- The movie's original title was "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." Need I say more?
  4. "Indecent Proposal" -- Her husband sells her to have sex.
  5. "Disclosure" -- She gets it on with Kirk Douglas.
  6. "Ghost" -- She has sex with Patrick Swayze as a ghost.
  7. "A Few Good Men" -- The exception to the rule that made her a "serious actor." She changes that soon.
  8. "The Scarlet Letter" -- As a serious actor, she decided to take on a classic story of a woman who is labeled a slut. The movie was a box office bomb.
  9. "Striptease" -- She "jumps the shark" as a stripper. So much for the serious acting thing, but hello success!

With all that said, she has seriously given us many Pause and Toss Moments that we can all cherish.