Mila Kunis is the kind of woman you have watched on TV for many years and thought, "Damn, she is hot with clothes on. I sure wish she didn't have any clothes on."

Lucky for you, I did my research and have found that ONE and ONLY "Pause and Toss Moment" that she made for all of us to enjoy. The movie is called "Boot Camp," and for the life of me, I can't figure out why it went straight to video.  Maybe her managers felt it would detract from her work as Meg Griffin on Family Guy....then again, maybe not.

I was able to find it on Netflix, if you want to understand the movie and why it never made to the silver screen. If you don't want to waste your membership on this movie, I don't blame you, so take a peek below for that one moment you will get to see what Aston Kutcher is tagging. Lucky bastard.

[via Metacafe]