From the heart-shaped frozen treats grandma used to make, Peanut Butter Lovesicle delivers Psychedelic rock with a high-energy stage presence. The band from Ocean City, NJ will soon bring their sound to the South.

Natchitoches, Louisiana's DemonFest 2014, going down Saturday, March 22, will mark the band's first visit to the Sportsman's Paradise.

“We haven’t done a lot of touring in the South, but the few times we’ve been down it’s always fun, especially for our kind of band," said Mike D'Arc, Peanut Butter Lovesicle lead singer. "The people want to have a good time and we’re all about getting loose."

Mike, his brother Jake and their cousin Timmy Miller take their individual music styles and mix it all together for a crazy melange that Louisiana will surely appreciate.

“We’re rock and roll to the core; good and rowdy,” said Jake.

Photo: Peanut Butter Lovesicle

Known for walking on the wild side, Mike shaved his head on a dare at a music festival they were playing, only to discover there was no other participant besides the whiskey he’d consumed. Other stories revolve around too much moonshine and some close calls. We have a feeling they'll fit right in down here.

To best describe their performance, the band offers an interesting metaphor: think of a bear fishing for salmon. The beast rests atop a waterfall, catching the unsuspecting fish as they swim upstream. Thus, the band captures their audience with the power of their unique sound.

We'd like a shot of whatever they're drinking. And on March 22, we'll have that chance.