In September, Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis introduced the world to an electronic dance song that asked a very simple question: 'What does the fox say?' The epic video for the unique and quirky song went viral, grabbing millions of views.

Norwegian rock/metal vocalist and singer for metal band Damnation Angels PelleK decided to turn it up to 11 with a heavy metal version of the song that hit no. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

With a voice that can hit all the right notes, PelleK rocks out to the (in)famous song, mixing power screams with the strange sounds of the fox. In his rendition, the fox doesn't say anything; it screams.

This isn't the first time PelleK has tackled music outside his favored genre. He also lent his voice to a metal cover of Daft Punk's hit song 'Get Lucky.'

We think he does 'The Fox' justice. What do you think?